Why KiwiGreenPak?

KiwiGreenPak is serious about providing real alternatives to the ever increasing problems with existing materials being used in the food industry. Our promise is to provide wherever possible, products at comparable prices to plastics and foams. We don't believe in premiums, especially when it comes down to public health and environmental protection.

We are also committed to providing up to date, no nonsense information about our products. Just as importantly, we believe you should be aware of the effects of non environmentally friendly products. We encourage anyone to check out this web site www.enviroeducation.weebly.com where you will find some very compelling reasons to change to KiwiGreenPak products.

What is KiwiGreenPak's point of difference?

  • New Zealand owned and operated importer and distributor, with no vested interest in plastics or foam
  • New Zealand wide network of independent food packaging distributors who are eco friendly and who add value to their customers
  • Not aligned to any manufacturer or chain and consequently can provide many options and alternatives
  • Widest range of biodegradable food packaging in New Zealand
  • Competetively priced with best quality products
  • All suppliers visited personally, factories vetted for best manufacturing and employee practices
  • All products are supported by test certificates