Traditional Plastics

Plastics and polystyrene are not only harming our environment, they are harming our health as well.

  • Plastics and foams remain in landfills for 100's of years
  • plastics never go away. They may eventually break down, but only to smaller and smaller pieces causing even bigger problems to wildlife who mistake it for food
  • Incinerating plastics gives off poisonous and ozone depleting gases, including C02 which has been proven to contribute towards global warming
  • Plastics are made from non renewable petrochemical resources, with many harmful by-products and waste.
  • Petrochemical based products use massive amounts of energy to process into useful plastics. Considerably more energy than is used to produce environmentally friendly products
  • Discarded plastic and foam products cause unsightly and harmful litter throughout our oceans, waterways, roadways, parks, rural and city scapes. visit to learn about the worlds largest rubbish tip in the North Pacific Gyre
  • There are only two commonly recycled plastics in New Zealand. Numbers 1 (PET) & 2 (HPDE). All others are landfilled or discarded in our environment. Even those recycled are predominantly shipped overseas for recycling and therefore increasing the carbon footprint before even being recycled.
  • Recycled plastic dimishes at each recycle process. PLA can be fully reconstituted.