Why the Change?

All KiwiGreenPak products are made from renewable resources. After use they can be composted, minimising the impact on our environment. People around the world are thinking and practising sustainability, protecting our valuable resources and are making the change from environmentally harmful materials.

Why the change?

Traditional petrochemical based plastic and styrofoam has been the packaging of choice for quite some time now. Raw material has been freely available and relatively cheap. However here has been ignorance about the impact of these petrol based products upon the planet's health with contribution to CO2 emissions, the depletion of non renewable resources and build up of waste in our oceans and landscapes ultimately harming living organisms, animals and humans.

Awareness of the detrimental impact is now quite apparent. Governments worldwide are acting to minimise use and regulate around the use of plastic and foams. Corporates, businesses and consumers are taking responsibility for their world. Among other things they are promoting and using sustainability and biodegradability.

KiwiGreenPak food packaging is made from Natureworks Ingeo™-PLA (polylactide);  go to www.natureworksllc.com; and pulped fibre; are made from renewable resources and can be compostable.